Reid Highway/Alexander Drive Overpass

Abigroup has completed construction of the new interchange at Reid Highway-Alexander Drive.

The twin bridges on Reid Highway were opened by Honorable Minister for Transport, Troy Buswell, in an official ceremony on 15 April and practical completion was achieved on 31 May 2011.

Landscaping and vegetation work was carried out over the 2011 winter period, to take advantage of the seasonal rainfall and lower temperatures.

The land required for the new overpass has been reserved in Western Australia’s Metropolitan Region Scheme since the 1960s.

The new interchange has been constructed in a traditional ‘diamond’ layout and includes two separate bridges along Reid Highway – leaving space in between for future public transport facilities.

It also includes signalised southern and northern on and off-ramps.

In addition, Alexander Drive has been widened to provide a double southbound right turn to Reid Highway westbound and a bus lane in each direction through both sets of traffic signals.

Wide and sealed shoulders along Reid Highway are provided for safe, on-road cycling and vehicle breakdown while noise walls and visual intrusion barriers, including landscaping, are being used to maintain the amenity of the area.

Public art has also been included on bridge abutments and noisewalls.

Funding for the $45m project included a contribution of $10m from the Federal Government.



In its previous configuration, the intersection of Reid Highway and Alexander Drive was Western Australia’s most notorious black spot, costing the community some $10m over the last five years in road crashes. More than 75,000 vehicles use this intersection every day and at peak periods were experiencing significant delays.

The overpass at Alexander Drive will significantly improve safety and efficiency by reducing congestion. The new interchange will also be a major boost to public transport, reducing delays for bus commuters, and bring environmental benefits by reducing vehicle emissions.​


Modified: 21 Feb 2018