Karrinyup Road and North Beach Road Upgrade

The upgrade to the busy intersection of Karrinyup Road and North Beach Road in Gwelup has been completed.

We undertook a range of improvement works at the intersection to significantly improve traffic and pedestrian safety. These works included:

  • Extending the left-turn lane eastbound along Karrinyup Road;
  • Extending the right-turn lane westbound along Karrinyup Road;
  • Improved drainage;
  • Improved pedestrian crossings;
  • Traffic signal upgrade;
  • Upgraded lighting; and
  • Resurfacing.

There were also be some modifications to the general layout of the intersection, including the removal of corner islands.

Work commenced in early April 2011 and was finished by June 2011.



The aim of the project was to improve safety and traffic flow at the intersection, which previously experienced a high number of right turn and rear end crashes.

Extending the turning pockets in both directions have improved their storage capacity and reduced the potential of rear end collisions.

The right turn filter movement from Karrinyup Road westbound into North Beach Road has been removed to ensure motorists can make this turn safely, under a fully protected signal control.

The give way sign for traffic turning left off Karrinyup Road eastbound into North Beach Road has also been replaced with traffic signals to accommodate the improved pedestrian crossing facilities.


Modified: 22 Feb 2018