Great Northern Highway

We completed works on an the upgrade of Great Northern Highway through the Swan Valley.

Key tasks on the final 4.3 km section of the project between Lennard Street and Haddrill Road were finalised before Christmas 2010, including construction of the north and southbound passing lanes, installation of upgraded street lighting and erection of bus shelters.

Landscaping works to finalise the project,  was also completed in June/July 2013.

The overall project has been a six year, $75 million commitment by the Federal Government to improve traffic flow and safety of the Highway.

Works commenced in 2005 at the City of Swan Boundary in Bullsbrook and have progressed steadily southwards, covering nearly 21 km.



  • increase in sealed width from (typically) 7 to 11 m at the northern end of the project from near Apple Street;
  • increase in width to 14.5 m with the addition of sealed shoulders at the southern end of the project where the median has been constructed;
  • overtaking lanes at various locations;
  • turning lanes into side roads;
  • modern street lighting;
  • monitored traffic lights at West Swan Road intersection;
  • a new access road for Upper Swan Primary School along with electronic speed reduction signs operating during peak school access periods;
  • upgraded bus shelters to meet current needs;
  • construction of a truck bay opposite Gingers Roadhouse for southbound trucks;
  • shared paths in the verge along some sections of the highway's edge;
  • on-road bicycle lanes that also provide extra width to cater for High Wide Loads; and
  • construction of median islands at a number of formalised pedestrian crossings.

The wider road with sealed shoulders and turning pockets has improved safety by allowing vehicles exiting the Highway to move out of the way of following traffic and overtaking lanes have facilitated safer passing of slower moving vehicles.

Great Northern Highway is part of the Perth to Darwin National Highway (Route 1) and, as such, needs to meet National Highway standards. It is the only High/Wide Heavy Haulage Route linking Perth with the northern parts of Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The highway carries a heavy traffic volume of 15,300 vehicles per weekday, with approximately 18 per cent being heavy haulage vehicles when last measured in March 2010. The volume is expected to continue increasing with the ongoing expansion of the mining industry in the north of the State.

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Modified: 16 May 2018