Ardross Street / Canning Highway Intersection


We have completed the project to upgrade the intersection of Canning Highway and Ardross Street in Ardross.

To improve overall efficiency and safety of the intersection and to reduce travel time and costs, the final civil works included:

  • the extension of the right turn lane (citybound) on Canning Highway;
  • installation of traffic signals to control the right turning; and
  • the extension of the turning lanes - increasing capacity for turning vehicles.

Other final works included:

  • Intersection widening to allow larger vehicles such as trucks to do right or left turns safely within the lane (without encroaching into other lanes);
  • Extension of Canning Highway right turn pocket (citybound);
  • Installation of traffic islands on Ardross Street and modification to some property driveways on Ardross Street; and
  • Re-instatement of landscape (i.e. new trees and lawn) and irrigation.

Previous works included:

  • installation of traffic signals to improve safety for schoolchildren and pedestrians (commissioned December 2009);
  • upgrading the pedestrian crossing on all four legs of the intersection to current access and mobility standards for all pedestrians; and
  • relocation of one bus stop and modification of another.



The project was jointly developed by the Minister for Transport at the time, Simon O'Brien, the Member for Alfred Cove, Dr Janet Woollard, the City of Melville and Main Roads to address requests for improved facilities for pedestrians at this intersection.

The project was carried out in stages to allow the services authorities the time to relocate a variety of underground utilities.


Community Benefits

The project is expected to provide a range of benefits in the area, including:

  • Increased safety for school children, pedestrians and cyclists accessing either sides of the highway.
  • Increased capacity for school children to walk or cycle to school safely and reduce local car usage.
  • Safer access to cross Canning Highway from Ardross Street and access the northern shopping precinct.
  • Minimising the number and severity of crashes.



Modified: 14 Jul 2017