Horseshoe Bridge Upgrade


Our work on the Horseshoe Bridge is now complete. The Horseshoe Bridge opened to two-way traffic in July 2010.


Project information

The project involved:

  • removing existing brick paving and old concrete overlay (deck);
  • applying corrosion inhibitor to steel components;
  • constructing a new reinforced concrete overlay;
  • installing a waterproof membrane;
  • constructing new asphalt traffic lanes in lieu of brick paving;
  • reinstatement of wider footpaths;
  • stone kerbing, drainage connections and new stainless steel bollards in lieu of guard railing.



There are currently a number of projects underway in this area of the City, including the City of Perth’s ongoing upgrade of Forrest Place along Wellington Street. This increased pressure on the City’s road network has resulted in a general increased level of congestion in the area.

We continue to manage the flow of traffic as best as possible under the circumstances by continuously monitoring and adjusting traffic signal timings to keep traffic moving. 


Community benefits

The bridge upgrade:

  • improved access and safety for pedestrians and motorists using the bridge; and
  • extended the life of the bridge and minimised ongoing maintenance requirements.

We worked with the City of Perth in developing the project to form part of the City's greater plan to improve traffic flow into and out of the City. 


Background information

To download a copy of the Spring 2009 Information Sheet for this project, please view the Project Information Sheet



Modified: 22 Jun 2017