West Coast Highway

Manning Street to Scarborough Beach Road Improvements


As the heart of WA's Sunset Coast, Scarborough is one of the most attractive and busiest sections of the Perth coastline.

In particular, the Scarborough Beach area is used by many different groups of people, including residents, businesses, pedestrians, cyclists, beach-goers and shoppers.

Located in this area is West Coast Highway - a major regional and inter-regional route catering for 34,000 traffic movements per day. It is a designated freight route providing access for vehicles to and from Fremantle Port.

Project Information

The project saw the intersections of West Coast Highway/Scarborough Beach Road and West Coast Highway/Manning Street modified. The project improved access and safety and reduced conflict between pedestrians, cyclists and all road users

The amenity of the area was enhanced to maximise benefits for all people using the roads (motorists, cyclists and pedestrians) and nearby amenities.

The design was developed in consultation with the City of Stirling, giving consideration to the Scarborough Environs Area Strategy (SEAS) adopted by Council in September 2001.


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Modified: 13 Jul 2017