Indian Ocean Drive

Lancelin to Cervantes Stage 2 (Indian Ocean Drive)

Overlooking the Indian Ocean, the road provides a scenic alternative route away from heavy vehicle traffic on Brand Highway and will reduce travel times between the two coastal communities by at least 30 minutes. The road forms the final part of Indian Ocean Drive, linking Perth’s northern suburbs with coastal towns and tourist destinations up to Cliff Head, just south of Dongara.

Stage 1 of the Lancelin to Cervantes road was opened ahead of schedule in March 2008 and consisted of a $20m, 10.5 km section of road starting from just south of Lancelin to Ocean Farm Estate. It included linkages into Ocean Farm and Seaview Park Estates, as well as a new 1 km section of Lancelin Road to provide improved access to the town and Lancelin Bay.

The Lancelin to Cervantes section of Indian Ocean Drive was officially opened on 19 September 2010.

With the assistance of favourable weather, construction continued at an accelerated pace throughout winter and as a result, the road was opened to traffic approximately nine months ahead of schedule.

A Perth to Geraldton via Indian Ocean Drive map has been provided to assist road users in accessing the new road. 

Stage Two works in detail

Stage 2 of Indian Ocean Drive progresses northward from Ocean Farm Estate and connects with the old Pinnacles Desert Drive approximately 10 km south of Cervantes.

The new fully sealed road passes through the Nambung National Park, Wangarren and Nilgen Nature Reserves, freehold properties and the area used by the Department of Defence for training purposes.

Other works included:

  • improvement works to approximately 9 ​km of Pinnacles Drive, south of Cervantes;
  • construction of sealed access roads into the coastal settlements at Wedge Island and Grey;
  • realignment of sections of Pinnacles Desert (CUT) Drive near Kangaroo Point and Cervantes Road;
  • connections to the existing access roads to Hangover Bay, Pinnacles Desert and Kangaroo Point; and
  • construction of a lookout area at an elevated point on the ocean side of the road.  The lookout will be within the Nilgen Nature Reserve about 5 km north of Ocean Farm Estate.

The new driver-friendly alignment includes a passing lane near Mimegarra Road and a number of other overtaking opportunities along the route.

The road has been constructed under our direct management, with local plant and labour being utilised where possible. 



Indian Ocean Drive will bring social and transport benefits to the local communities along the road; and foster economic opportunities for the Central Coast Region.​

These benefits include:

  • supporting existing residential and commercial needs of the Region, in particular the fishing industry;
  • assistance in meeting the projected population growth and development of the Region;
  • encouraging ongoing development of the tourism industry by opening up the coastline to the motoring public and providing a faster, improved link to Perth;
  • improving road safety by providing an alternative route for tourists away from the heavy freight traffic on Brand Highway;
  • reducing the distance and travel time for local and light commercial traffic commuting between Lancelin and Cervantes;
  • improving access to medical and educational facilities; and 
  • encouraging use of regional amenities and stimulating local industry by providing direct access between businesses of varying functions.


Modified: 21 Feb 2018