Term Contracts

The network is maintained, along with delivery of a range of minor capital and improvement projects, using a variety of term contracts. A number of other contracts also support these and asset management activities using specialised contractors and consultants, including:

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Road Maintenance, Incident Response and Minor Capital Works Contracts

​Location​Contractor​Current Contract Expiry
Goldfields-Esperance RegionDM RoadsOctober 2023
​Graham Farmer Freeway Tunnel and Incident Response Services​Lendlease Services Pty Ltd​February 2024
​Metropolitan Region​DM Roads​October 2023
​​​Mid West-Gascoyne Region​​​Lendlease Services Pty Ltd​​​November 2022
Pilbara RegionVentia Pty LtdNovember 2023
​Southern Region (South West and Great Southern)​Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd​January 2024
​State-wide Electrical InfrastructureVenture Smart (Joint Venture between Johnson Controls and Ventia)​October 2023
​Wheatbelt Region​​Lendlease Services Pty Ltd​October 2022


Kimberley Network Contract

A unique delivery model is in place, and routine maintenance is undertaken via a combination of a network contract. A direct contracting approach is used to deliver the remainder of the work programs.

​Contractor​Current Contract Expiry
​MACA Civil Pty Ltd​February 2021


State-wide Road Construction Panel Contract

Delivering road and bridge construction projects less than $20 m, the contract includes buying rules, designed to streamline the process for the awarding of contracts to expedite delivery.

The current contract expires May 2025.

​Advanteering Civil Engineers​Georgiou Group Pty Ltd
​BMD Construction Pty Ltd​Highway Construction Pty Ltd
​CareyMC Pty Ltd​Keslake Group Pty Ltd
​Central Earthmoving Company Pty Ltd​Leeuwin Civil Pty Ltd
​Civcon Civil & Project Management Pty Ltd​Lendlease Services Pty Ltd
​DeGrey Civil Pty Ltd​MACA Civil Pty Ltd
​Densford Civil Pty Ltd​Ventia Pty Ltd
​Enviro Infrastructure Pty Ltd​WA Limestone Contracting Pty Ltd
​Ertech Pty Ltd​WBHO Infrastructure Pty Ltd
​Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd


State-wide Structures Panel Contract

Delivering maintenance and other work for bridges, this contract was awarded to a panel of contractors who focus on bridge expertise.

The current contract expires in August 2021

​Adventeering Civil Engineers​Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd
​BMD Constructions Pty Ltd​HighwayAlbem JV (Highway Constructions Pty Ltd / Albem Operations)
​Densford Civil Pty Ltd​Jomar Contracting
​Enviro Infrastructure Pty Ltd​Jonor Constructions
​FED JV (Fortec Australia / Ertech Pty / Duratex Australia)​Regional Bridging
​Freyssinet Australia Pty Ltd​SRG Civil Pty Ltd


State-wide Resealing Panel Contract

Specialised sealing contractors skilled at working on numerous sections of high traffic volume roads deliver this panel, to resurface aggregate seals along our rural roads on a programmed basis.  

This current contract expires in June 2024

​Colas Pty Ltd​Boral Resources Ltd
​Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd​Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd
​Bitutek Pty Ltd


Longitudinal Road Marking Contract

Setup primarily to maintain longitudinal road marking on all rural public roads, the contract also includes audible edge and installation of new lines (e.g. for reseals and some new roads).

​Region​Contractor​Current Contract Expiry
​South West, Great Southern and Mid West-Gascoyne Regions​Intersectional Linemarkers Pty Ltd​December 2019
​Kimberley, Pilbara, Wheatbelt and Goldfields-Esperance Regions​Supalux Linemarking Pty Ltd​January 2020

 A replacement panel contract is currently being procured, which will include transverse road markings.


State-wide Asset Management Support Services Contract

Providing us with both centralised and regional support with strategic and operational asset management requirements.

​Contractor​Current Contract Expiry
​GHD Pty Ltd​June 2023
​Jacobs Pty Ltd​June 2021

 A replacement contract for delivery of strategic asset management is currently being procured.

Modified: 03 Jun 2020