Term Contracts

​Main Roads Western Australia manages a network of about 18,000 kilometres of national highways and major roads across the state, covering an area of some 2.5 million square kilometres.

The network is maintained, along with delivery of a range of minor capital and improvement projects, using a variety of existing, recently renewed and/or proposed contracts.  The existing contracts are largely our remaining regionally based Integrated Services Arrangements (ISAs), which are progressively being replaced during 2018,  with the procurement work well underway.

New Term Contracts
Our contracts for this work are designed to provide Main Roads with resources to ensure a flexible and efficient response to maintenance issues. They also allow Main Roads the flexibility to shape the planning and delivery of work programs. 

These contracts include:

  • A new Rural Network Contract for the Mid West-Gascoyne Region operated by Lendlease Services.
  • A new Rural Network Contract for the Wheatbelt Region operated by Lendlease Services.
  • For the Pilbara and Goldfields-Esperance Regions, work is currently carried out by our ISAs.  These arrangements will be replaced with a Rural Network Contract in each region.
  • For our Metropolitan, South West and Great Southern Regions, work is also currently carried out by our ISAs . These arrangements will be replaced with a Metropolitan Network Contract and a Southern Network Contract (covering South West and Great Southern Regions).
  • A proposed Statewide Electrical Infrastructure Contract, which covers all major electrical assets in Western Australia. 
  • A proposed contract to maintain the Graham Farmer Freeway Tunnel, along with providing Incident Response Services through specially equipped response vehicles.

A number of other contracts will also support the maintenance work programs, using specialised contractors and consultants, such as:

  • A Statewide Structures Panel Contract for bridge work within Western Australia, as required on a project by project basis.  The panel will comprise a variety of contractors that focus on bridge expertise.
  • A Statewide (except for the Metropolitan Region) Resealing Panel Contract for resurfacing aggregate seals along our rural roads on a programmed basis.  The panel will comprise a small number of sealing contractors skilled at working on numerous sections of high traffic volume roads.
  • Two separate longitudinal line marking contracts were implemented in 2017 for all rural regions. One contract for the South West, Great Southern and Mid West-Gascoyne Regions, was awarded to Intersectional Linemarkers. The other contract for the Kimberley, Pilbara, Wheatbelt and Goldfields-Esperance Regions, was awarded to Supalux.
  • A State-wide Asset Management Support Services contract was implemented in 2017 providing both centralised and regional support.  GHD and Jacobs is supporting Main Roads with its strategic and operational asset management efforts.

Kimberley Direct Contracting

Within the Kimberley Region, a direct contracting approach is taken with the delivery of the work programs.  There are a variety of minor contracts to provide resourcing and specific services to the region, and for specific projects undertaken by the regional Main Roads staff.

Modified: 28 Feb 2018