Longitudinal Road Marking Services

The Longitudinal Road Marking (LRM) Services contracts are a new generation of contracts to deliver road marking services for WA roads. This approach will ensure we retain its expertise for road marking, enabling improvements in our performance while helping to build and sustain the longitudinal road marking industry.


Key objectives

  • To deliver quality road marking services at a fair price through transparent arrangements (value for money and reward for effort);
  • To ensure sustainability of Service Providers and therefore the service supplied;
  • To provide a strong framework to facilitate outstanding performance and innovation;
  • To foster collaborative relationships that support skills development and finding solutions to problems;
  • To ensure flexibility and responsiveness with the ability to change over time; and
  • For Main Roads, the asset owner, to retain control of the asset management decision making, including maintenance of configuration and condition data.


Key features of LRM Services

Some of the main features include:

  • Three LRM networks – Metropolitan, Rural South (South West, Great Southern, Wheatbelt South and Goldfields-Esperance regions) and Rural North (Wheatbelt North, Mid West, Gascoyne, Pilbara and Kimberley regions).
  • These LRM Services Contracts will have notional areas for delivery but any LRM Service Partner will be able to deliver services anywhere within Western Australia.
  • The scope of services include the delivery of all longitudinal road marking treatments and some specialist longitudinal road marking services (e.g. audio tactile) on state and Local Government roads. Other road marking services may be included be at the discretion of Main Roads.
  • Initial contract durations will be five years and extension beyond the initial term will be based on good performance with a maximum extension of five years;
  • LRM Services Management team (central coordination group) will manage the programming of works for the LRM Services to achieve a balanced and consistent delivery of services across the state.
  • These arrangements will be based on the Service Alliance approach with payment to the non-owner partner based on open book direct costs plus agreed margin.
  • Main Roads will integrate a number of its personnel into these arrangements to achieve its goals in retaining knowledge and control over the delivery of these services.
  • The services will be procured through Request for Proposal (RFP) with a single RFP for all three LRM Services network.


Industry consultation

In November 2009 we engaged with industry to seek input on these proposed changes for the delivery of Longitudinal Road Marking (LRM) via a series of industry workshops.  A key outcome from these discussions was industries overwhelming support for the approach being undertaken by ourselves.  Please view the Industry Engagement Workshops brief for further information.


Industry Briefing

An industry briefing for proponents was held in August 2010. Further information from the briefing includes:


Procurement outcomes

All contracts were commenced on 2 September 2011:

  • Contract 1/10: Longitudinal Road Marking Services Metropolitan
    Contractor: Intersectional Linemarkers Pty Ltd
  • Contract 2/10: Longitudinal Road Marking Services South Rural
    Contractor: Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd
  • Contract 3/10: Longitudinal Road Marking Services North Rural
    Contractor: Supalux Paint Co Pty Ltd



All enquiries can be directed to:

Manish Gupta

LRM Project Manager

Email: manish.gupta@mainroads.wa.gov.au

Phone: 138 138


Modified: 28 Sep 2016