Road Maintenance

Main Roads Western Australia manages a network of about 18,000 kilometres of national highways and major roads across the state – covering an area of some 2.5 million square kilometres. We also contribute funding to assist in the maintenance of approximately 126,000 kilometres of local roads and 30,000 kilometres of roads through national parks and forests.

With an estimated replacement value of $27 billion, this significant public asset operates throughout the state’s diverse landscapes and climates, in the service of all road users – from freight truck and public transport operators, to commuters and holiday makers.

This network forms the backbone of the Western Australian economy. Investment in road and bridge assets has helped to make the State efficient, wealthy and one of the fastest growing economies in Australia. 


Integrated Services Delivery

Integrated Services Delivery (ISD) is the next generation in road operational asset management and service delivery.

With the introduction of Term Network Contracts (TNCs), we led the world with our innovative delivery of road maintenance and rehabilitation. At the time, no other agency had applied outcome-based maintenance contracts to such a large road network.

Building on the lessons learnt from the first years of the TNCs and following consultation with internal and external stakeholders, we are proposing a new strategy for the next generation of operational asset management and road services delivery.

Modified: 25 Jul 2014