Records Code of Practice

State Records Standard for Outsourcing

At Main Roads, we are required to manage records produced by contractors. This is to comply with the State Records Commission Standard 6 which applies specifically to outsourcing.

We have developed a Record Keeping Code of Practice for the Management of Contract Records as a guide for compliance with the State Records Commission Standard.



The purpose of this Standard is to define principles and standards governing contracts or arrangements entered into by State organisations with persons who perform any aspect of recordkeeping for the organisation.



The State Records Act 2000 provides for the keeping of State records and for related purposes. Section 61(1) of the Act requires that the State Records Commission is to establish principles and standards for record keeping.

It is of the utmost importance that the integrity of State records be maintained and that proper procedures ensuring correct capture, management and maintenance are put in place at the time that any contract or agreement is entered into. Such contracts or agreements may involve contracting an individual or an organisation to act as the State organisation’s agent to deliver services to clients, or for the State organisation’s own use.

Contracts should provide that the contractor create records that meet the organisation’s accountability requirements, in relation to the functions performed or services provided for the organisation. Such contracts should also provide that the contractor maintain those records according to standards acceptable to the organisation, for as long as the records are required and return them to the organisation when the contract expires.



The principles and minimum compliance requirements in this Standard apply to all State organisations as defined in Section 3 of the State Records Act 2000. Contracts and agreements must be developed in accordance with government guidelines supplied by the State Supply Commission.

Modified: 05 Mar 2019