Industry Participation Plans

The Western Australian Government's Building Local Industry Policy requires Industry Participation Plans to be prepared for Government funded projects or contracts with a total value in excess of $20m, or where the value of capital equipment exceeds $1m.

At Main Roads, the purpose of Industry Participation Plans is to provide a management strategy that outlines how we and our contractors, suppliers, sub-contractors and alliance partners will commit to maximising opportunities for local industry participation in procurement opportunities. Industry Participation Plans also enable us to provide industry with full, fair and reasonable opportunity to participate in major road construction and other infrastructure or capital contracts.

While the Policy requires an Industry Participation Plan for each project or contract, agreement was obtained from the former Department of Industry and Resources to implement a standard over-arching plan which applies to most major road construction projects that are managed by Main Roads.

This plan can be viewed or downloaded from the link below:

In most cases, this over-arching plan negates the need to prepare an individual plan for each project or contract. However, in some instances a project-specific Industry Participation Plan will still need to be prepared and this is to be determined through discussions with the Department of Commerce.

The Building Local Industry Policy can be accessed from the Department of Commerce website.

Modified: 12 Nov 2015