WA Industry Participation Strategy

The Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS) has been developed to give effect to the objectives within the Western Australian Jobs Act 2017 (WA Jobs Act). The WAIPS became fully operational on 1 October 2018, and applies to all forms of government procurement (goods, services, housing and works) that are above designated values.

The WAIPS objectives as prescribed by the WA Jobs Act are:

  • Promoting the diversification and growth of the Western Australian economy by targeting supply opportunities for local industry.
  • Providing suppliers of goods or services with increased access to, and raised awareness of, local industry capability.
  • Encouraging local industry to adopt, where appropriate, world’s best practice in workplace innovation and the use of new technologies and materials.
  • Promoting increased apprenticeship, training and job opportunities in Western Australia.
  • Promoting increased opportunities for local industry to develop import replacement capacity by giving local industry, in particular small or medium enterprises, a full, fair and reasonable opportunity to compete against foreign suppliers of goods or services.

For further information and advice on the WAIPS, please visit WA Industry Link .


Modified: 07 Dec 2018