Seventh & Third Avenue Railway Bridges



Main Roads WA is replacing the ageing Seventh Avenue and Third Avenue timber railway bridges with new concrete structures.

This project will be staggered to minimise disruption for road and rail users and local residents.

The Seventh Avenue bridge located in Maylands will be demolished and replaced first, followed immediately by the Third Avenue bridge located in Mount Lawley.

Funding for this project is provided by the State Government.


Current status

The tender for the Seventh Avenue bridge replacement was advertised on 15 January 2014.  Once a contract has been awarded, work should start in the second quarter of the year and take about a year to complete.  We have also engaged a public art coordinator to ensure the completed project recognises the heritage significance of the Seventh Avenue bridge.  This process involves consultation with the City of Bayswater as well as local community groups.

For further information, please view the January Project overview


Project scope

To be built on their existing footprints, the new bridges will include:

  • Improved turning and lane widths;
  • Accommodation for four rail lines;
  • Bridge guard rails and electrification screens; and
  • Increased load capacity.

The new bridge at Seventh Avenue will span more than 80m, while the Third Avenue structure will have a span of 22m.  Both bridges will include footpaths.


Project benefits

Both these bridges were built over 100 years ago and play a vital role in the local road network, linking Railway Parade and Whatley Crescent. 

The Seventh Avenue Bridge carries up to 3500 vehicles each weekday.

The Third Avenue bridge carries up to 10,000 vehicles each weekday and, in the five years to December 2010, 56 crashes were reported on the bridge.

Replacing them with new structures will ensure they meet current safety standards and allow for future road or rail improvements.



Demolition and construction of the Seventh Avenue bridge in Maylands is expected to start in May 2014 and take about a year to complete. The Third Avenue bridge in Mount Lawley will be demolished as soon as the Seventh Avenue bridge is complete, and should take a further eight months to complete.


More information

Leanne Pitcher, Main Roads’ Community Relations Representative

Tel: 0408 923 249




Modified: 17 Mar 2014