Gateway WA

Perth Airport & Freight Access


Project Overview

The Gateway WA Perth Airport and Freight Access Project is the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by Main Roads WA.

This billion-dollar project involves a major upgrade to the road network surrounding Perth Airport and the freight and industrial hubs of Kewdale and Forrestfield.

It focuses primarily on Tonkin Highway, between Great Eastern Highway and Roe Highway, and Leach Highway, between Orrong Road and Perth Airport.

The need for this project has been driven by the expected doubling of passenger air travel and the road freight task over the next decade, coupled with proposed consolidation of the Perth airport terminals.

This area of Perth is arguably WA’s most important transport interchange, where road, rail and air services meet to facilitate the movement of people and goods that are essential to the economy of both the state and the nation.

The project is being jointly funded with the Federal Government contributing up to $686.4 million and the State Government contributing $317.5 million.

The Project Map is available for viewing. Visit the Gateway WA website for further information on the current status and upcoming works.


Project Scope

The scope of the project is outlined in a Project Master Plan. Construction commenced in 2013, with project completion expected by 2016 prior to consolidation of the domestic and international airport terminals.

The project includes:

  • A major new interchange at Tonkin Highway / Leach Highway, including a new primary access road to the consolidated airport terminal.
  • A new interchange at Tonkin Highway / Horrie Miller Drive / Kewdale Road
  • A new interchange at Leach Highway / Abernethy Road
  • Upgrading Leach Highway between Orrong Road and Tonkin Highway to an expressway standard and associated upgrades to local roads and intersections in the Kewdale area
  • A principal shared path along Tonkin Highway and Leach Highway
  • Upgrading of the existing Tonkin Highway / Roe Highway interchange to a partial freeway to freeway interchange
  • Upgrading Tonkin Highway between Great Eastern Highway and Roe Highway to six lanes
  • A new interchange at Tonkin Highway / Dunreath Drive


Project Objectives

The Gateway WA Project is a national infrastructure priority driven by the expected doubling of the freight task and passenger air travel between now and 2031. Infrastructure Australia identifies the Gateway WA project as a nationally significant project under its Competitive International Gateways goal to improve Australia's trade performance.

The Gateway WA project will achieve the following two primary objectives:

  • Improve and secure access to Perth Airport to complement the airport redevelopment and, in doing so, provide sufficient capacity to handle the expected growth in transport demand; and
  • Improve the operational efficiency of freight vehicles including those servicing the national significant intermodal freight terminals at Kewdale and Forrestfield.


Additional Works

High Wycombe noise / amenity walls

Gateway WA has been commissioned by the State Government to construct approximately 2.6 kilometres of noise / amenity walls along the western side of Roe Highway in High Wycombe. These walls will mitigate traffic noise and provide privacy screening for local residents.

Scope of works
  • Approximately 2.6 kilometres of noise / amenity walls from just north of Poison Gully in the south to Buttercup Crescent in the north, along the western side of Roe Highway;
  • Wall openings to allow road access at Kalamunda and Maida Vale Roads;
  • Wall openings to allow pedestrian / cyclist access just south of Kalamunda Road.


  • Establishment works commenced in April 2014 followed by the progressive installation of the walls from south to north, with all walls expected to be completed by late 2014.


Roe Highway / Berkshire Road - Interchange

Gateway WA has been awarded a new package of works to construct a grade separated interchange and install noise / screen walls at the Roe Highway / Berkshire Road intersection.

The $45 million package of works will provide much needed relief at the heavily congested intersection and eliminate one of the State's worst black spots by providing free-flow movement along Roe Highway.

Scope of works
  • Grade separated interchange at the intersection of Roe Highway and Berkshire Road, Forrestfield. This will allow Roe Highway traffic to travel uninterrupted over the top of Berkshire Road;
  • Installation of noise / screen walls along the impacted section of Roe Highway


  • Works are expected to commence in October 2014, subject to environmental approvals, with an anticipated completion date of early 2016.




Further Information

For further information, please contact the Gateway WA Team:

Phone: 1800 420 421



Modified: 10 Sep 2014