Your Customer Experience


Understanding Your Needs

We have developed a new customer approach that places your experience at the centre of everything we do. This approach is based around segments, needs and commitments to ensure we are delivering the right services, in the right way, at the right time to: 


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​Provide a transport network centred on what our customers need and value


These segments are:

  • Data and technical information - customers who want or require easy access to data and information
  • Feedback and Involvement - customers who want to be heard and considered
  • Approvals and Advice - customers who want/need our approval and/or advice
  • Travel experience - customers who want a safe and reliable travel experience

We are in the process of refining this new approach and identifying wants and commitments against each segment and we welcome your feedback. In the meantime, we will continue to provide you with the standard of service you expect from us. This includes ensuring that your query or complaint is acknowledged within 24 hours and a response to written correspondence is provided within 10 working days.​

View our Customer Segments, Needs & Commitments and tell us what you think using our online form.  

Community and Stakeholder Consultation - Advisory Groups

Working with stakeholders and customers ensures that our direction and commitments are open, accountable, fair and flexible.  We have a number of advisory groups that provide valuable input into a various aspects of the organisation including:

Customer Service Advisory Council (CSAC)

Western Australian Road Construction and Maintenance Industry Advisory Group

Cycling and Pedestrian Advisory Group

State Road Funds to Local Government Advisory Committee

Disability Advisory Group

Main Roads – Western Australian Local Government Association Liaison Committee

Environmental Advisory Group


Community Perception Survey

We view the management of the State's road network as critical to the economic and social wellbeing of all road users and work hard to integrate community perceptions into our strategic planning and day-to-day operations.

To ensure that we are able to respond quickly and appropriately to community needs we conduct an annual Community Perceptions Survey (CPS). The survey provides us with important, up-to-date, customer-focused information about our performance in the construction, maintenance and management of the state's road network.

The results of the 2017 Community Perception Survey are now available.

This year, we were pleased to find 87 per cent of survey respondents rated our overall performance as "okay" or better.


The CPS has been conducted annually since 1994. It helps us gauge how the community view our performance in the construction, maintenance and management of the State's road network, providing insights that allow for the ongoing identification of community perceptions of issues or priorities. We use this information to assist and guide us in our strategic planning. 

In 2017 a total 1,370 members of the community participated in our online survey- 637 in the Perth metropolitan area and 733 in regional areas (approximately 100 in each region). The collected data is weighted to reflect the actual population distribution based on ABS statistics. The 2017 CPS was conducted by Metrix Consulting.


Complaints Process

Complaints Handling Policy

Our complaints handling policy is available here for viewing or downloading:

The policy is also available in other languages and alternative formats including Braille. To request any of these alternative versions, please contact us.


Customer Advocates

If you make a complaint and you are not satisfied with the way your complaint is handled, please phone our Customer Information Centre on 138 138 and ask to be referred to one of Main Roads' Customer Advocates.

Both of our Customer Advocates are Senior Managers with many years of operational and customer service experience. They will investigate your complaint personally and conduct an independent review.

However, please note Main Roads' Customer Advocates cannot intervene in legal or statutory matters, including decisions regarding third party liability claims for damages.


The Ombudsman

If you still feel that your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may wish to contact the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is an independent and impartial person whose office investigates complaints about Western Australian Government agencies, statutory authorities, local governments and public universities. The Ombudsman reports directly to the Parliament of Western Australia - not to the State Government of the day.

The Ombudsman's office can be contacted on 9220 7555 or 1800 117 000 and is located at Level 2 Albert Facey House - 469 Wellington Street, Perth. For more information, please visit the website of the Ombudsman of Western Australia.​


Modified: 31 Jul 2017