Customer Service Charter

We are committed to achieving excellence through inspiring leadership and strong collaborative relationships. To achieve this, we are guided by our values and the standards of services which you can expect from us.

Our Customer Service Charter outlines our commitment to working with you to deliver improved customer outcomes. The Charter is aligned to the Main Roads values and is available in several formats for you to download, including:


Our Values

Our Commitments

Customer Service
  • always be available when you contact us
  • answer your query or put you in touch with someone who can



  • the Information Centre will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year
  • the website will be available 99.5% of the time
  • we will resolve at least 80% of enquiries through our Information Centre (138 138) at the first point of contact
  • we will ensure that enquiries requiring specialist advice are referred to the person best able to deal with the enquiry on the first transfer
Roads Matter
  • engage with you when planning and building for major works
  • maintain roads, travel routes and road facilities to a standard
  • we will conduct and openly report on our community engagement activities
  • we will report on how satisfied you are with our management of the road network
  • traffic signals will be operational 99.6% of the time
  • we will minimise the time the state road network is unavailable
  • we will make every effort to minimise delays caused by road works
Working Together
  • seek to identify your needs and expectations
  • use your feedback to drive business improvements
  • we will use the annual Community Perception and biennial Stakeholder Satisfaction Surveys to drive improvements to our business
  • your complaints and feedback will be used to improve our work practices


Embracing Challenge
  • adopt sustainable business practices that achieve social and environmental benefits
  • plan for greatest efficiency and best use of existing roads as part of an integrated transport system
  • we will employ sustainable and innovative work practices
  • we will ask how satisfied you about cycling and pedestrian facilities
  • we will maximise and report on freeway performance
  • 95% of standard heavy vehicle permits will be processed within 24 hours of application
  • we will ensure complex single trip and extra mass heavy vehicle permits are issued as quickly as possible
  • conduct our business with integrity and use public resources responsibly
  • treat each other and all our customers with respect and courtesy
  • our quality of service will be measured through our Complaints Handling Survey and Quality Assurance Assessments
  • all complaints will be responded to within 10 working days
  • written correspondence will be responded to within 10 working days
  • our staff will be trained and developed to provide the highest level of customer service


Customer Charter Index

How we measure our service to you...

The commitments in the Customer Service Charter are measured by the Customer Charter Index (CCI). The index incorporates a range of measures across the organisation which align to deliver our commitments to you. We will report our performance against these measures quarterly on this website.

How we are tracking...

The Customer Charter Indices are  being reviewed. The review is underaken so measures and targets reflect improved processes and technology in the organisation.



Modified: 27 Oct 2016