Leading the way in implementing road research

A new website, showcasing the work of the Western Australian Road Research and Innovation Program (WARRIP) - a collaboration between Main Roads and the Australian Road Research Board, is now live.

WARRIP applies national and international research to improve road building and management practice in WA, by:

  • Delivering savings through improved, value-for-money investment decisions, thus maximising the benefits of every transport dollar.
  • Working in partnership with industry, universities and government bodies to maintain and enhance technical capacity within the State and achieve better outcomes.
  • Developing the capabilities of staff and disseminate learnings to regions in a growing State.
  • Implementing innovation through facilitating trials and establish research tools and technical support documentation.

Since WARRIP was launched in 2015, 26 projects have been initiated as part of an ongoing commitment to create more sustainable roads for all Western Australians.

More details of these projects are available at warrip.com.au

Modified: 04 Dec 2018