New access to Murdoch Activity Centre

​The Murdoch Drive Connection opened on Monday 20 April.

Providing a new southern access to Fiona Stanley Hospital and the Murdoch Activity Centre (MAC) from Kwinana Freeway and Roe Highway, this project had been planned for over 10 years as part of the MAC Structure Plan.

The extension will create shorter, more predictable journey times for those who work or live in the Murdoch Precinct, as well as visitors, patients, and emergency vehicles serving Fiona Stanley Hospital.

This is another major milestone in the transformation of Perth’s southern suburbs road network, being the second of seven major projects to complete construction.

We thank local residents, motorists, pedestrians and cyclists for your patience during construction.

Learn more and see how to navigate the changes on the project page.

Image: Murdoch Drive Connection open.JPG    Image: Murdoch Drive Connection aerial view.JPG

Modified: 10 Jun 2020