Mitchell Freeway access to Northbridge has changed

​In an effort to reduce congestion into Northbridge, freeway motorists will now have direct access to Roe Street.

As of 6am Sunday 18 December, motorists travelling south on Mitchell Freeway wanting to access Northbridge will now follow signage for the Roe Street exit. You will continue to share the exits with Wellington Street however instead of staying in the left hand lane of the exits you will need to stay in the right hand lane to eventually exit at Roe Street. A video showing the change is provided to help you plan your journey.

James Street off-ramp has been realigned to Roe Street for all Mitchell Freeway southbound traffic. The James Street exit will remain open for all Graham Farmer Freeway westbound traffic.

The opening of the Roe Street exit marks a significant milestone of the Charles Street Bus Bridge and Busway project set for completion in early 2017.



Modified: 21 Mar 2017