Freeway upgrades to ease congestion and improve safety

​Road users will soon be getting home faster and safer with major upgrades to Mitchell and Kwinana freeways.
Early works have commenced for three projects that will improve traffic flow in areas where congestion is currently a concern.

Sections will be widened and advanced technologies introduced as part of a $2.3 billion investment in road and rail infrastructure by the State and Australian Governments.

Mitchell Freeway Southbound Widening

The transformation includes widening Mitchell Freeway southbound from Cedric Street to Vincent Street. An extra seven kilometres of lane and the missing link on the shared path from Glendalough Station to Hutton Street will benefit road and path users.

WA Premier Mark McGowan said "These freeway upgrade projects are part of the State Labor Government's wider job-creating investment into WA road projects and I'm pleased we've been able to get work underway in a short space of time”.

Visit the Mitchell Freeway Southbound Widening page for more project information.

Kwinana Freeway Northbound Widening

Kwinana Freeway northbound will be widened from Russell Road to Roe Highway for nine kilometres, addressing congestion in a known hot spot.

WA Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said "The Kwinana Freeway Widening project will add eight kilometres of additional lane and provide capacity for an extra 1,800 vehicles per hour, improving traffic flow for those commuting to the CBD or our northern suburbs," Ms Saffioti said.

Visit the Kwinana Freeway Northbound Widening page for more project information.

Smart Technologies

A range of advanced technologies and practices form the core of the new Smart Freeways project on Kwinana Freeway northbound from Roe Highway through to the Narrows Bridge. They include lane use management, dynamic speed limits, driver information and co-ordinated ramp metering. This will provide motorists with greater journey reliability, time savings, reduced costs and enhanced safety. The project will also create an additional lane northbound from Canning Highway to Narrows Bridge. The technologies will be coordinated through our newly opened Road Network Operations Centre. The purpose-built, world-class facility is designed to manage road safety, performance and congestion.

WA Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said, "On average, there are 270,000 vehicles using Perth's freeway system each day and this will undoubtedly increase as the city's population grows. Aside from the daily job of managing traffic and road incidents across the network, one of our priorities with RNOC is to ensure it is future proofing the network by adapting technological advancements that will get the most out of our existing roads in a safe and reliable way. Smart Freeways is a start to this, providing a sophisticated approach to adding more capacity to Perth's existing freeway system to manage congestion and improve safety.”

Visit the Smart Freeways Kwinana Northbound page for more project information.

Modified: 01 Feb 2019