Repair works continue on flood damaged roads

South Coast Highway between Ravensthorpe and Esperance was reopened on 22 February, with a 22 kilometre detour via Fence Road and Jerdacuttup Road.  Our crews have been undertaking temporary repairs in this area, including the construction of causeways to lift the road out of flooded areas. A seven kilometre section of the detour is unsealed.

We have been able to reduce the level of flooding on Brookton Highway near Mt Madden and have removed the detour.

A temporary road on the western side of Ravensthorpe at Phillips River, where the bridge was destroyed is now open to traffic. A total of 14 piped culverts have been installed as part of the construction.

We continue to remind road users to use extreme caution when travelling these roads, and follow all signage.

For road closure information, please visit our Travel Map or Alerts page.

For the latest flood information call 1300 659 213 or visit


Modified: 07 Apr 2017