Australia Day 2017

With many commuters heading down south for Australia Day and a large crowd expected at the annual Skyshow, delays and congestion are expected in and around Perth.Plan ahead as delays may be experienced. City of PerthPerth and South Perth ForeshoresThe City of Perth's annual Skyshow events will see a number of roads closed in and around the CBD including: ​Location​Time​Impact​CBD area​6am - approximately 10.30pm​​Various road closures​Kings Park6am - approximately 10.30pm​Various road closures​Kwinana Fwy ramps at Mill Point Rd​​10am - approximately 10.30pm​Closed​South Perth​10am - approximately 10.30pm​Various road closures​Victoria Park​10am - approximately 10.30pm​Various road closures​Freeway ramps at Wellington St and Riverside Dr​12pm midday - approximately 10.30pm​Closed​Kwinana Fwy ramps at Mounts Bay Rd​​12pm midday - approximately 10.30pm​Closed​Riverside Dr - Causeway to Barrack St​​​12pm midday - approximately 10.30pm​​Closed in both directions​Riverside Dr - Point Lewis Rty to William St​​​​12pm midday - approximately 10.30pm​​​Closed in both directions​​Causeway ​​7pm - approximately 10.30pm​​Closed westbound​Shepperton Rd - Teddington Rd to Causeway​​​7pm - approximately 10.30pm​​​Closed westbound​​Canning Hwy access to the Causeway​​​​7pm - approximately 10.30pm​​Closed​Wellington St - Milligan St to Lord St​8.30pm - approximately 10.30pm​Closed​Canning Hwy at Berwick St intersection​​8.30pm - approximately 10.30pm​No right turns permittedFor a full list of road closures, please visit City of Perth website.Plan your day by visiting City of Perth's 'Getting to Skyworks' page. City of Armadale Minnawarra ParkThe City of Armadale hosts an evening of festivities and fireworks with a number of road closures in place including:​Location​Time​Impact​Armadale Rd - Streich Ave to Hughes Rd​2pm to 11pm​Closed in both directions​Church Ave - Jull St to Armadale Rd​2pm to 11pm​Closed in both directions​Orchard Ave - Nerrigen St to Armadale Rd​2pm to 11pm​Closed in both directionsFor a full list of road closures, please visit City of Armadale website.  
Modified: 21 Mar 2017