Boosting Jobs Busting Congestion

The Commonwealth and State Government have announced a $2.3 billion infrastructure package for Western Australia. The agreement will provide a major boost to the local economy, with 6,000 jobs expected to be created from 18 new projects. To find out more about how each project will improve safety and reduce congestion across our road network, please view our interactive project map below or view full version map in a new tab.  



Fact Sheet - Armadale Road Dual Carriageway - Anstey Road to Tapper Road

Fact Sheet - Armadale Road to North Lake Road Bridge

Fact Sheet - Hale Road / Woolworths Drive Intersection Upgrade

Fact Sheet - Karel Avenue Upgrades

Fact Sheet - Kwinana Freeway northbound widening - Russell Road to Roe Highway

Fact Sheet - Kwinana Freeway southbound on-ramp from Manning Road

Fact Sheet - Leach Highway - High Street Upgrade - Carrington Street to Stirling Highway

Fact sheet - METRONET - Denny Avenue Level Crossing Removal

Fact Sheet - Mitchell Freeway southbound widening - Cedric Street to Vincent Street

Fact Sheet - Murdoch Drive Connection to Kwinana Freeway and Roe Highway

Fact Sheet - Outback Highway (Qld, NT and WA) Upgrade and Seal

Fact sheet - Planning for Bunbury Outer Ring Road

Fact Sheet - Reid Highway Dual Carriageway - Altone Road to West Swan Road

Fact Sheet - Roe Highway / Kalamunda Road Interchange

Fact Sheet - Smart Freeways - Kwinana Freeway Northbound

Fact Sheet - Wanneroo Road / Joondalup Drive Interchange

Fact Sheet - Wanneroo Road / Ocean Reef Road Interchange

Fact Sheet - Wanneroo Road Dual Carriageway - Joondalup Drive to Flynn Drive​​

Modified: 13 Nov 2017