Completion of Armadale Road Upgrade

​Construction of the Armadale Road Upgrade is complete, with the 6.9km section between Tapper and Anstey roads upgraded from two lanes to a four-lane dual carriageway, improving journey times and safety.

Project benefits

Image: Armadale road two.JPG 

There has been a noticeable improvement in traffic flow between Ghostgum Avenue and Anstey Road for commuters, and those living and working in the area.

  • Five minute travel saving for 7200 road users in the morning peak
  • Three minute travel saving for 7800 road users in the afternoon peak

Intersection upgrades have removed dangerous bottlenecks, with the most noticeable being the newly constructed bridge that allows Armadale Road traffic to flow freely over Nicholson Road.

The project upgraded what was the last remaining section of single lane carriageway of Armadale Road. It transformed the strategic freight route from a single carriageway road suited to a semi-rural environment to a dual carriageway urban road to service the ongoing commercial and residential development of the area. In particular, it provides better access to new residential developments, Cockburn train station, Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre and Jandakot Industrial Area.

It is the first of seven major road projects in our southern suburbs to be completed, all aimed at providing congestion relief and improving safety.

Shared path now open

Image: Armadale Road one.JPG 

A new four-metre wide Principal Shared Path (PSP) is now open along the northern side of Armadale Road between Ghostgum Avenue and Anstey Road, bringing additional benefits to the local community.

The PSP was built as part of the project and provides a new priority connection between Armadale and Cockburn, supporting people to travel safely by foot and wheels between these areas and local communities and amenities along the corridor.

Safety was a key aspect of the design, with the path set to the back of the road verge to provide as much distance from traffic on Armadale Road as possible.

Connectivity is provided to adjoining roads, with crossing points at the following Armadale Road intersections: Ghostgum Avenue, Liddelow Road, Warton Road, Wright Road, Rossiter Avenue, Nicholson Road and Anstey Road.

The new roundabouts on Armadale Road also have shared paths, and there is a crossing on Armadale Road to the west of Anstey Road near the Skeet oval entry and bus stops.

Thank you for your patience during construction, and we hope you enjoy the time savings this project has created.

Modified: 20 Apr 2020