Crash statistics

The statistics show that most crashes in the South West occur along the Perth-Bunbury Highway, which carries the bulk of commuter, tourist and commercial traffic to and from the South West. 

The top 10 "crash stats" sites based on frequency of crashes (5 years to Dec 2004) in the South West Region are:

  1. Bunbury: Australind Bypass, Sandridge Road and Koombana Drive (Eelup Roundabout)
  2. Mandurah: Fremantle Road and Pinjarra Road
  3. Mandurah: Fremantle Road and Gordon Road
  4. Mandurah: Fremantle Road and Meadow Springs Drive 
  5. Mandurah: Fremantle Road and Murdoch Drive
  6. Bunbury: Perth-Bunbury Highway, South Western Highway (Picton Road)
  7. Mandurah: Pinjarra Road and Lakes Road
  8. Bunbury: Bussell Highway (Robertson Drive) and Bussell Highway
  9. Bunbury: King Road, Sandridge Road and Picton Road
  10. Mandurah: Pinjarra Road and Wanjeep Street
Modified: 25 Jul 2014