Roadworks and Road Conditions

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All information about planned roadworks for a specific timeframe is provided below in the Planned Works and Events section.


Planned Works and Events

LocationEstimated T​imeframeEffect

South Western Highway

From Noneycup Creek to 100m North of Marginata Drive, Donnybrook

Ongoing to mid April 2016

6:00am – 6:00pm

Monday to Friday

(Sign checks occur odd weekends)

​Road reconstruction and culvert extension at Noneycup Creek Bridge

During Work Hours:

  • Single lane controlled by Traffic Controllers with speed restrictions in place 
  • Maintain lane width of 3.5m maximum with a 1m clearance for high load trucks
  • Operators of oversize vehicles will need to contact site supervisor on 0419 930 594 at least 24 hours prior to moving through site
  • Site UHF39 - Traffic Control UHF40

After Hours:

  • Full two lane traffic flow with 3.5m maximum lane width
  • Speed restrictions in place 

Brookhampton Road

Approximately 8 km and 8.5 km from Kirup

Ongoing to 06 May 2016 


Bridge Works

Replacement of two Bridges

  • Road temporarily closed to through traffic
  • To ensure accesses to properties are maintained, works will only be undertaken on one bridge at a time
Vasse to Carbunup River Section​Ongoing until late April 2016

​Vasse to Carbanup River

  • Works on the Vasse to Carbunup River section will continue until mid April

Coalfields Highway, Wellington Dam Road and Gastaldo Road Sections

Ongoing to 30 April 2016

Highway construction 

Road realignment 

Verge Works

  • Lateral shift to side track in southern verge
  • After hours signage in place

South Western Highway  
From Russell Road to Raymond Road, Burekup

​October to late April 2016

Construct new bridge and culvert 

Construct new road realignment 

  • Modifications to existing intersections works at:
    Raymond Road; 
    Russell Road;
    Orchard Drive
  • Preliminary clearing works are underway 
  • Construction of a 5m high embankment  on the road approaches to the new bridge on either side of the river  
Modified: 19 Apr 2016