Roadworks and Road Conditions

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All information about planned roadworks for a specific timeframe is provided below in the Planned Works and Events section.


Planned Works and Events

LocationEstimated T​imeframeEffect

Pardelup Bridge

Muirs Hwy / Pardelup Rd



January to early June 2016

Pardelup Bridge Replacement

  • Traffic on SINGLE LANE detour controlled by traffic lights
  • During this period any vehicle with part of the combination or load exceeding 3.5m in width is planning on travelling through site, operators are required to contact 138138, 24 hours prior to departure to ensure the load can be accommodated

Coalfields Highway, Wellington Dam Road and Gastaldo Road Sections

Ongoing to late May 2016

Highway construction 

Road realignment 

Verge Works

  • Lateral shift to side track in southern verge
  • After hours signage in place
Modified: 27 May 2016