Our Role in the Regions

In order to service such a vast network, we manage our business through our Head Office based in East Perth and seven regional offices strategically based throughout the State.

These regional offices are based in:


Regional Digest

We publish Regional Digest to help our customers understand what our Regions are managing, as well as provide Main Roads employees with performance information to assist them in doing an even better job. 

Statistics in the document relate to highways and main roads managed on a Regional Responsibility Area basis (i.e. represents those roads that each Region is responsible for managing). In some cases this may differ from the roads contained within the regional boundary.

The Regional Digest 2013/2014 offers maps and general regional information, as well as specific road information with statistics covering eight key management areas:

  • Finance (expenditure and asset value)
  • Network and Structures
  • Pavement and Surfacing
  • Road Condition
  • Road Users
  • Performance Indicators
  • Road Safety
  • Community Perception Survey

Summary tables of historical data have been included for each Regional Responsibility Area in order to show trends over time in selected management areas.  

Modified: 28 Jan 2016