Gibb River Road - Mt Barnett

Formation & Minor Road Re-Alignment


Current status

We have now completed works on the formation and road re-alignment at Gibb River Road, Mt Barnett.

Works on the Gibb River Road (SLK 310.00 – 337.85) commenced in May 2011, and was completed in September 2011.  The following preliminary works have been carried out:

  • 10 km of subgrade;
  • 9 km of basecourse;
  • Cement stabilising of the basecourse material of eight (8) floodways;
  • Side tracks to divert traffic for the length of the works during construction; and
  • Material and water sources along the upgraded alignment identified.
  • Construction of concrete culvert at Station Creek.


Project background

The Gibb River Road is a major tourist attraction for the region providing access to places such as Windjana Gorge,

Mitchell Falls and El Questro Wilderness Reserve.

Among some of the aboriginal communities that live along the Gibb River Road are Mt Barnett (Kupungarri), Imintji and Windjingayre.  It is vital to provide a serviceable road to ensure the communities can travel to nearby towns for stocks and emergencies.

Access to these properties and attractions is limited during the wet season by the condition of the road.  Subsequently, we invest significant funds ensuring that the road is kept to a standard that allows traffic to safely travel on the road.

We carried out works of formation improvement and gravel resheeting along SLK 286.46 – 310.00 in 2010 to improve the road condition and serviceability of the section, especially during the wet season.

The project was undertaken using a Direct Management Strategy to provide a value for money outcome.  The Direct Management Strategy is used on projects where the scope of work is difficult to define in terms of the standard design, specification and contract formats used by Main Roads.



Modified: 14 Jul 2017