Flood Recovery

​Background of the event

A series of rainfall events across the State during February 2017 caused wide-spread flooding throughout the Great Southern Region.

The preliminary estimate of damages to State Government assets is $26.5 million with over 60 per cent of WA’s oldest road network in the Great Southern Region sustaining damage.

Immediate temporary restoration works were undertaken on sections of the network that were closed or impassable and network connectivity was completed in March 2017.

General damage caused

The region’s east was impacted most and incurred the following major damage:

  • Phillips River Bridge and approaches on South Coast Highway were destroyed
  • East approach on the Jerdacuttup Bridge on South Coast Highway destroyed
  • Warperup Bridge Albany Lake Grace Road scouring of abutments
  • Bandalup Creek South Coast Highway road washed away
  • Gnowangerup Creek Bridge Broomehill Jerramungup Road scouring of abutments
  • Over 320 km combination of shoulder and drainage damage
  • 270+ blocked culverts
  • Estimated $1.5 million damage to culvert/drainage infrastructure
  • Estimated $1.5 million damage to road pavement infrastructure


Current situation and planned works

In establishing permanent restoration works on damaged sections of the network, the following works have been undertaken:

Phillips River Bridge on South Coast Highway

  • Side-track around the Phillips River Bridge has been constructed.  The sidetrack will operate under speed restrictions which will remain in place until the new bridge is built
  • Bridge works in progress
  • Bridge and roadworks are scheduled for completion early 2018.
Workers preparing bridge for concrete pour - Click to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlarge
Click to enlargeImage: Phillips River Site - Pier 3 - Footing Steelwork - Thumbnail.JPGImage: Phillips River Site - Site View - 19 Sept 2017 - Thumbnail.JPGImage: Flood recovery 4 thumbnail image.JPGImage: Flood recovery 3 thumbnail image.JPG


Jerdacuttup Bridge on South Coast Highway

  • Side-track open to traffic
  • Bridge repair works to the eastern (Esperance end) bridge abutment and approach will commence on 20 November 2017
  • Repair works are expected to be completed during December 2017


Warperup Bridge on Chester Pass Road (Albany Lake Grace Road)

  • Scour rectification works commenced
  • Works scheduled to be completed by November 2017


Bandalup Creek on South Coast Highway

  • Embankment and pavement repaired and temporarily sealed for opening.
  • Pavement to be reworked and sealed.
  • Culvert outlet headwall/apron/wing-walls to be repaired.

Gnowangerup Creek Bridge on Broomehill Jerramungup Road

  • Scour to the abutments scheduled for repairs January 2018


Contracts have been awarded to reinstate damaged pavement, shoulder and drainage infrastructure.  Works are expected to take one year to complete.

Modified: 07 Dec 2017