Freeway upgrades coming together

​Our freeway upgrades are really starting to come together. These projects are set to reduce travel times, improve safety and provide better access to key local services.

Kwinana Freeway

In Perth’s southern suburbs, drivers are travelling on a new northbound lane from Russell Road to Beeliar Drive and two new lanes from Berrigan Drive to Farrington Road. The last section near Beeliar Drive is expected to open in July, with works for the Armadale Road to North Lake Road Bridge taking place now.

Perth’s first Smart Freeway is creating an additional northbound lane from Canning to Narrows and introducing smart technology to open and close lanes and adjust speed limits during peak periods.

Comprehensive testing of the over 800 pieces of technology, systems and training of the operators to use those technologies are the next steps prior to opening.

We’ve looked at the numbers, and once the technology is in place, it’s estimated that drivers travelling from Rowley Road to Narrows Bridge will save up to 21 minutes on their morning commute. You read that right, 21 minutes!

On Kwinana Freeway southbound, drivers will soon be able to enter the freeway from Manning Road’s new on-ramp and we’re also adding an extra lane near Canning Highway.

Mitchell Freeway

The northern suburbs are not missing out, with a number of projects planned and underway.

Work is on track northbound from Hutton Street to Cedric Street where we are widening a two-kilometre section and constructing double exit lanes to Cedric Street.

Work is scheduled to start later this year to widen the freeway southbound, providing a third lane from Hodges Drive to Hepburn Avenue.

With new lanes open from Cedric Street to Vincent Street and speed back to 100 km/h, finishing works are winding up as we head towards project completion.

Last but not least, plans are being finalised to extend the freeway to Alkimos.

Thank you for your patience

We understand that there is a lot happening and appreciate your patience as we work to improve your travel experience.

Visit our project website to read more about these and the other significant projects across the State.

Modified: 12 Jun 2020