When the sign says closed

​Tropical cyclones, bushfires, flooding and major crashes all have the potential to close roads. These are in place for your safety, and the safety of emergency services.

While drivers recognise the dangers, risk taking behaviours seem to continue. By ignoring the road closed signage, drivers put themselves and rescuers at risk.

Be prepared if driving through dangerous areas and follow these tips to keep you safe:

  • Follow all signage in place, and remember closed means closed
  • Drive to the conditions
  • Follow emergency services directions
  • Stay focused on the road and any potential hazards

Tropical cyclones and flooding

November to April is the wet season in our North West bringing with it the risk of tropical cyclones, low pressure systems and flooding. Hot and humid, wet season can be violent and unpredictable!

If you plan to drive into incident prone areas, we urge you to please make sure you are prepared, observe all signage in place and NEVER cross flood waters you aren’t sure about.

Following an incident, the road can remain closed until it is safe for us to assess the road conditions and carry out repairs where necessary.

Do you know what lies beneath flooded water? Just because you can't see it - doesn't mean hidden dangers aren't there.

Image: Driving in WA - Flooding image small.JPG   Image: Driving in WA - Flooding image after small.JPG


Out of control bushfires can happen anytime - anywhere.  Weather conditions influence the size, intensity, speed and predictability of bushfires and how dangerous they can be.

In some cases, bushfires can burn kilometres away from the road, but strong winds can cause issues with visibility and roads are closed for your safety.

When travelling through smoke affected areas, remember to turn your headlights on and ensure a safe braking distance between you and the car in front.

Road closure and current incident information

Find information about incidents, alerts, road closures, events and planned roadworks that may affect travel within your area on our Travel Map

Monitor Bureau of Meteorology forecasts and warnings, and Department of Fire and Emergency Services - Emergency WA map for alerts and warnings.


Modified: 14 Dec 2019