We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, and actively attract and retain a culturally diverse workforce where a variety of ideas, opinions and solutions are supported. In recognition of our efforts, Main Roads was a finalist and highly commended for the Award for Workplace Diversity at the 2010 HR Leaders Awards. In line with our commitment to diversity we focus on the following areas: - Women in Management, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups, Youth, People with Disabilities and People from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds.  We highly encourage people from all backgrounds to apply for our advertised positions.

Women in Management

We are committed to a culture that values and promotes the employment, professional development and appointment of women to management and leadership positions. In applying the principles of our Women in Management Policy Statement, we aim to increase the attraction, retention, professional development, acting and promotional opportunities for women at all levels.

Indigenous Employment

We have shown a strong commitment to incorporating indigenous workers into the organisation through employment opportunities and regular community engagement. This has mostly been achieved through the provision of contract work and the use of Integrated Service Arrangements (ISAs), where we have demonstrated strong commitment in fostering Indigenous engagement and employment. We are recognized as an ‘Indigenous Employer of Choice’ and we have generated a strong presence at careers fairs (UWA Indigenous Career Fairs), as well as at various networking events with other organizations. We have shown ongoing support for the Indigenous Australia Engineering Summer School and provide a range of Technical traineeship opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups through the ROADS Foundation.

People with Disabilities

We are committed to providing excellent services and employment opportunities to those with disabilities. In line with our commitment we are an established partner with “EDGE”, a Disability Employment Services provider, to facilitate disability recruitment for positions within our organisation.

Age Diversity

We are committed to supporting all employees, regardless of age or level of experience. We have a number of initiatives in place specifically designed for employees throughout all stages of their working life. Over the past few years, we have significantly increased its representation of youth in the workforce and are considered to be a leader in the public sector in terms of youth employment strategies. We offer a range of Development Employee programs to suit a number of career paths. We are one of the first government agencies in WA to implement a retirement initiatives such as Phased Retirement (PR) and the Knowledge Management scheme for our senior employees.

Main Roads Diversity Committee

The Main Roads Diversity Committee was established in 2006, consisting of Executive Directors and representatives from various positions and diversity groups within the organization.  The purpose of the committee is to ensure we remain an equitable and diverse organisation, with a focus on breaking down barriers which may prevent employees from reaching their full potential.

Modified: 12 Dec 2018