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We established the Alumni Club for former employees as an appreciation for their efforts and dedication in forming what the organisation is today.

Memberships for the Alumni is extended to all former employees and can be applied for by completing a Membership Form.

To keep you informed about Main Roads projects and milestones we produce our Alumni Newsletter biannually. Check out the recent news now:


On the shoulders of giants

"If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants" Sir Isaac Newton was reputed to have said.

Main Roads too, has an outstanding legacy of works provided by our giants.

In a series of articles, we examine a few personalities who contributed to road construction and its expansion in no small measure. People who oversaw construction knowledge, both local and international, and sharing this knowledge nationally and internationally, beyond the extent that could be expected.

Mr Young interrupted his study to serve in World War I and later attained the rank of Captain in the Army Reserve.
He lived for his work and through his example and encouragement he earned the confidence and self- respect of his staff.
His early achievements included the establishment of the Department’s first soils laboratory and installing Perth’s first set of traffic signals.
Described by his friends as geeky but smart he was interested in everything - it spanned the whole spectrum of Civil Engineering!
He had no hesitation in passing on the benefits of his knowledge and experience to officers at all levels.
He always made a point of greeting the workforce on the job and talking to gangers, foremen and others to get to know them.
Ken Michael had been widely respected for his ability to lead Main Roads and his wonderful clear and intelligent thinking.

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