Managed File Transfer

‚ÄčAttunity is a managed file transfer (MFT) software that facilitates secure file exchange between an organization's internal users, external users, and business partners.

Attunity MFT web client enables users to upload and send a large file or folder via Attunity, using a standard Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome).  Attunity also tracks the upload and download of these files and allows an audit trail to be maintained.

A new user of Attunity is sent an invitation to create an Attunity account when an email with an Attunity link is sent to them. The Attunity web client can be accessed via this invitation, which contains the URL to the web client and the account details required to login to the Attunity MFT server for the first time. (NB:  A password reset is required immediately after the first login.)

Attunity Web Client 



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Modified: 03 Aug 2016