We have had a formal Sustainability Policy in place since 2006. This has guided us for how we approach sustainability since that time. In 2015, a renewed focus on sustainability was introduced with the release of our current strategic direction, Keeping WA Moving. With this, the opportunity to revisit our sustainability policy was presented and as a result, a refreshed Sustainability Policy was approved in 2015-16.

We are committed to developing a transport network that meets social, economic and environmental needs. 

Sustainability defined

Sustainability, within our context is defined as a commitment to 'creating lasting benefits through an integrated consideration of social, environmental and economic aspects in all that we do'. Another way of stating this, is that we meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations. Our interpretation of sustainability is based on the definitions within the State Sustainability Strategy 2003

For us, sustainability development represents three main things:

  • To contribute to Western Australia's economic development.
  • To contribute to the conservation of Western Australia's environment.
  • To help all members of our community have a better quality of life through their travel experience.

Sustainability within our organisational strategy

Keeping WA Moving has an aspiration for us "To provide world class outcomes for the customer through a safe, reliable and sustainable road-based transport system".

Customers, movement, safety and sustainability make up the four key areas of focus to help us achieve our aspiration. 

It is recognised that along with the other areas of focus, that sustainability is a key part of achieving the government goal of an integrated transport solution, creating an efficient and user friendly state wide transport network. Find out more information on Keeping WA Moving

The policy explained

Our sustainability policy is underpinned by six key aspects. The key aspects were determined through previous consultation that had occurred at portfolio level between ourselves, Public Transport Authority (PTA), Department of Transport (DoT) and various industry stakeholders. The key aspects are guided by a policy objective and further development will occur to develop actions and metrics to underpin these objectives.

Image: Sustainable Transport logo.PNG​Deliver a road-based transport system that improves community amenity, mobility and travel choice whilst reducing indirect environmental impacts
Image: Climate change logo.PNG​Develop an appropriate response and adapt to our changing climate
Image: Footprint logo.PNG ​Reduce our impact on the natural environment by focusing on emissions, pollution, waste, land use and resources

Image: Behaviour icon.PNG 

​Develop a culture of sustainability within our organisation, our industry and our community

Image: Governance logo.PNG 

​Ensure high standards in governance by measuring and reporting our sustainability performance against our key sustainability aspects
Image: Funding logo.PNG ​Create opportunities for funding and financing for road infrastructure development and maintenance


Modified: 28 Nov 2018