Code of Conduct

We are all responsible for our conduct in the workplace. Our Code of Conduct establishes our responsibilities and standards of behaviour for our interactions with each other, our private sector partners and with the community.

In the Community we will:

  • Be responsive to the road transport needs of the community
  • Look for creative, value for money solutions
  • Value and support new ideas
  • Make road safety a priority
  • Protect and enhance the environment
  • Ensure a safe and efficient road network

In Main Roads we will:

  • Value and promote workplace diversity
  • Use information responsibly
  • Encourage others to contribute, and value their contribution
  • Set good examples for those around us
  • Understand and ensure that we are accountable for our actions
  • Offer opinions, but support the team decision
  • Approach our work with flexibility and enthusiasm
  • Enhance our skills and knowledge
  • Provide an environment which enables our individual development
  • Acknowledge both individual and group achievements
  • Work together as one organisation towards common goals
  • Share information and knowledge
  • Maintain safe and healthy workplaces
  • Practice open and fair decision making
  • Promote open and effective competition

In everything we do we will:

  • Comply with our external obligations
  • Comply with Main Roads Standards, Codes, Policies and Practices
  • Comply with Government procurement policy
  • Respect everyone's right to courtesy, consideration and fairness
  • Strive for excellence


Modified: 28 Mar 2019