Action Plans

​Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

We have a key role in ensuring the road network links communities and provides efficient access to all modes of transport for all road users, including people with disabilities.

In line with State Government policy and with added momentum from our commitment to customer service, we aim to assist people with disabilities by ensuring access is readily available to our services enabling increased independence and opportunities for inclusion within the community.

We have developed the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (WORD Version)

The DAIP strives to ensure people with disabilities have the same opportunities as others to:

  • access the services of, and any events organised by Main Roads;
  • access the buildings and other facilities of Main Roads;
  • receive information from Main Roads in a format that will enable them to access the information as readily as other people are able to access it;
  • receive the same level and quality of service from the staff of Main Roads as other people receive;
  • make complaints to Main Roads;
  • participate in any public consultation by Main Roads; and
  • maintain employment at Main Roads.

The DAIP is reviewed every five years and progress is reported by 31 July each year to the Disability Services Commission.

In addition, we have commissioned a Disability Advisory Group consisting of community members who will ensure we meet its DAIP commitments within set timeframes.

More detailed information about Disability Access and Inclusion planning is available from the Disability Services Commission website. 


Disability Access and Inclusion Plan information for contractors

Information will be required from contractors to identify which DAIP outcome areas contractors have supported. The Disability Services Commission's Guide, which includes the Contractor Report Form, can be viewed and downloaded on the Disability Services Commission  website.


Reconciliation Action Plan

We recognise that a workforce that is comprised of varied perspectives, viewpoints and backgrounds is integral to our success in providing safe and efficient road access that will enhance community lifestyles and ensure economic prosperity. It is for this reason that we have developed our Reconciliation Action Plan 2017-2019 in consultation with various Government and non-Government Agencies.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians were and will continue to be consulted on the development; implementation and review of initiatives contained in the Plan to ensure we are committed to doing the right thing.

This renewed Plan introduces new initiatives and actions while formalising existing actions and is in line with our Corporate Strategies and Values.

Further information about reconciliation can be viewed on the Reconciliation Australia website.


Modified: 06 Mar 2019