Keeping WA Moving

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Advances in technology and new innovations are without a doubt going to change how we deliver our services and create new and different expectations from our customers. However we must continue to strategically maintain our State’s largest asset, its road network, to improve safety and efficiency. Our work makes an important contribution to creating new jobs and helping to grow our economy.

Our strategic direction - Keeping WA Moving - will guide us through this rapidly changing environment.

Four strategic areas of focus form the backbone of Keeping WA Moving, which are Customers, Movement, Sustainability and Safety.

Delivering outcomes against each of these four areas are helping us ensure that we continue to deliver Value to everyone in Western Australia.


Our Aspiration

To provide world class outcomes for the customer through a safe, reliable and sustainable road-based transport system.


Our Guiding Principles

These are the principles that reflect our values and underpin the delivery of Keeping WA Moving.


​We strive to improve sustainability and community amenity


​We will be an agile and responsive organisation that can prosper in a rapidly changing environment


​We will put the customer and their experience at the centre of everything we do


​We will develop and invest in leaders that will challenge the status-quo in a real and authentic way

Relationships ​We will continue to build and maintain strong relationships with the Transport portfolio to achieve better transport outcomesInnovation

​We will recognise and cultivate innovation to take up challenges and stay ahead


Areas of Focus

To achieve our aspiration, we have chosen four areas of focus which are about delivering value, which is more than just improving the status-quo.

These choices are based on the future needs of our customers and stakeholders. In identifying these areas of focus we recognise the role that our Portfolio partners have to play and our part in supporting the achievement of an integrated transport solution creating an efficient and user friendly State wide transport network.

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Provide a transport network centred on what our customers need and value

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Provide improved safety outcomes for all users of the transport network ​

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Improve mobility of people and the efficiency of freight


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Develop a sustainable transport network that meets social, economic and environmental needs

Download the Keep WA Moving brochure to learn more about our strategic direction.


Modified: 04 Dec 2018