We've been at the leading edge of employing innovation and are actively moving towards creating a greater awareness of, and engagement in, innovation as part of how we do our work.

Innovation is about striving to create an environment in which everyone is encouraged to think outside the box and not be afraid to come up with new ways to improve our business practices and relationships at work.

Our aim is to encourage a different way of thinking so that we can make the most out of the past, present and future. As we think more about innovation and innovative ways of doing things it will become a part of everything we do.


Innovation Magazine

The Innovation Magazine  is an exciting and lively initiative, which acknowledges innovation throughout Main Roads. Innovation results in inspired ideas and new ways of working.

The magazine showcases how our employees have fostered and utilised innovation in their respective business areas.

This is an annual publication which is sure to get you thinking about, discussing and enacting innovation yourself.

Modified: 04 Apr 2017