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In May 2010 the Western Australian State Government integrated WA's three key transport agencies. The integration has enhanced the co-ordination of operations, regulatory functions and policy development.

Reece Waldock currently holds the position of Director General of the Department of Transport, Commissioner for Main Roads Western Australia and Chief Executive Officer of the Public Transport Authority.


Main Roads

We are responsible for Western Australia’s highways and main roads which represent almost 30% of the State’s total assets. We are one of the largest geographically spread road agencies in the world, covering 2.5 million square kilometres.

Our services are delivered through the dedicated efforts of our employees who are located in ten regional offices throughout the State.

We are committed to achieving the State government’s vision to provide the best opportunities for current and future generations. We contribute to this by:

  • Engaging with our customers to identify their needs.
  • Ensuring the road network safely links goods, people and places.
  • Facilitating industrial, commercial and business development.
  • Enabling efficient access to other modes of transport.
  • Being a leader within the infrastructure delivery industry.
  • Contributing to the economic advancement of the State and the Nation.

To find out more about how we aim to meet the needs of the community together as a department, please visit our Keeping WA Moving page.

For further information about Main Roads please visit our Corporate Information page.


Department of Transport

The Department of Transport is responsible for a network of roads, railways, airports, ports and waterways that connect the people of Western Australia with goods and services. The Department of Transport has a range of services including:

  • Driver and vehicle services
  • Rail safety and planning
  • Regulator for Western Australian taxi service

Visit the Department of Transport website.


Public Transport Authority

The Public Transport Authority is responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of regional and metropolitan transport services. The Public Transport Authority provides the following services:

  • Transperth
  • Transwa
  • School Bus Services
  • Regional Town Bus Service

Visit the Public Transport Authority website.

Modified: 11 Jun 2015