You and Your Business

​Registering your business

Aboriginal businesses seeking contract opportunities are encouraged to register with a business directory.

There are two Aboriginal Business Directories relevant to Western Australian business activities, providing better access for those seeking Aboriginal participation. These directories are:

Aboriginal Business Directory WA (Western Australian directory)Image: Aboriginal Participation - Didgeridoo.JPG

Supply Nation Australia - Indigenous Business Direct (national directory)



Construction contractors seeking prime or head contractor opportunities are required to be prequalified under the National Prequalification System for Civil (Road and Bridge) Construction Contracts .



We manage our projects and contracts through various stages from development to delivery. These can vary significantly with many aspects to consider, including value for money, accountability and market considerations. Contracting to Main Roads provides more information about this process.

Aboriginal businesses are encouraged to make contact with other Main Roads contractors where there is interest in working in joint ventures or under subcontracting arrangements. A list of prequalified contractors is provided to help you find the right one for you and your business.


WA Aboriginal Procurement Policy

We are committed to supporting Aboriginal owned businesses through the introduction of the Department of Finances Aboriginal Procurement Policy , effective from July 2018.

A number of benefits have been realised since the introduction, including the value of contracts awarded to Aboriginal businesses. 


Commonwealth Indigenous Procurement Policy

The Commonwealth Government of Australia introduced an Indigenous Procurement Policy in 2015 . The Policy was developed "to stimulate Indigenous entrepreneurship and business development, providing Indigenous Australians with more opportunities to participate in the economy."


Project Bank Accounts

Project bank accounts have been introduced to our contracts greater than $1.5 million (GST inclusive). 

Modified: 12 Sep 2019