Our Journey

Our vision - "To continue to drive positive relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians, and build a mutual respect and understanding with Aboriginal communities and stakeholders."

In 2017, we recognised the need to improve opportunities for Aboriginal people and businesses to participate in our operations. Given the contract nature of our business, we recognised that we needed more information to achieve our aims, so we went through a process of engagement to develop a Strategic Business Case. This was achieved via our program of Aboriginal Employment Initiatives. Image: Aboriginal Participation - Hands.JPG

Led by the Aboriginal Employment Initiatives Taskforce, this was developed in collaboration with Nudge , a not-for-profit organisation. As part of the process, two participatory workshops were held, providing valuable input into the document and our future planning. 


Aboriginal Employment Initiatives

The role of the Aboriginal Employment Initiative Taskforce is to:

  • Develop a new framework to engage with Aboriginal people and on contracts
  • Encourage and increase greater Aboriginal employment both within our organisation and through our contracting partners
  • Provide policy, measures and targets to ensure a real, positive change is achieved
  • Engage with Aboriginal bodies for diverse views; and
  • Better understand the value system of Aboriginal people.

Our focus and associated activities aligns with our Reconciliation Action Plan 2017-2019.


Executive Leadership Team

Peter Woronzow, Managing Director Main Roads; Peter chairs the Executive Leadership Team and provides guidance and direction.

Leo Coci, Executive Director Infrastructure Delivery: is Peter Woronzow's delegate to the chair of the Executive Leadership Team. He provides intimate knowledge of contracting with and through Tier 1 contractors.

Philip D'Souza, A/Executive Director Financial & Commercial Services: leads our procurement of goods and services.

John Erceg, Executive Director Central & Northern Regions: oversees all maintenance works and minor associated projects in our central and northern regions.

Des Snook, Executive Director Metropolitan & Southern Regions: oversees all maintenance works and minor associated projects through the metropolitan and southern regions.

Neville Willey, Executive Director Human Resources: oversees all employment and training.


Aboriginal Advisory Group

An Aboriginal Advisory Group (AAG), informs and supports the implementation of the Strategic Business Case recommendations.

The aim of the AAG is to assist with the guidance of Aboriginal Business Development across the State with

  • knowledge that will assist in delivering our works and services;
  • the provision of input on framework development;
  • knowledge that provides input into policy; and
  • development of targets and measures,

to ensure positive change and raise awareness of State and Federal Initiatives to encourage Aboriginal employment.

Members of the AAG will include;

  • members of the AEI Taskforce (namely the Executive Leadership Team); 
  • Dennis Kickett, Senior Advisor Aboriginal Engagement: provides advice and guidance on Aboriginal procurement and cultural matters and acts as a conduit for related enquiries;
  • additional nominated Aboriginal representatives from around the state who are advocates for positive change.

Image: Aboriginal art 

Modified: 28 Aug 2019